DIY Postpartum Basket

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Cant believe I’m saying this but today I am 37 weeks and 6 days pregnant (at the time I didn’t know I would be giving birth the next day)!!This pregnancy has taught and changed me so much(lets leave that for another blog). As soon as I found out I was pregnant(after being shocked and all those other emotions)the first thing I did was buy books on pregnancy and I researched and researched. I wanted to know everything that was happening in my body, all the changes, everything I could do to stay healthy and keep my baby healthy. I wanted to be prepared and educated on what was going on and what was going to happen. Doing this helped me alottttt throughout my pregnancy, I felt empowered knowing I have the information, and it definitely made me less scared and nervous.Every time a new symptom would show up, I would tell my husband oh!but that’s normal in this stage of pregnancy.

My goal was too be prepared by 37 weeks. I have my hospital bag ready, baby’s space is ready, library wall done, clothes washed and organized, and my postpartum and nursing baskets ready. I still have to deep clean the house, make lactation cookies and muffins and freeze meals. I’m hoping to do all that this weekend.

This blog will be about my DIY postpartum basket


So delivery doesn’t scare me as much as postpartum does. Everyone talks about there birth stories but not many talk about what happens after!! So this mama to be did her research and wants to be able to do as much as she can to recover after a beautiful little human being emerges from her lady part.Yikes!!

There will be a lot of TMI after this point.

So after you give birth there will be a lot of burning and itching down there, you will probably tear. Using the bathroom will not be blissful which is why you should take that stool softener!! Being constipated after delivery doesn’t sound fun at all.

Alot of things will be happening to you physically this includes bloody vaginal discharge, abdominal cramps as your uterus contracts back to its normal size. You will also experience perineal discomfort and pain, if you had a vaginal delivery.

Walking and sitting will be uncomfortable, as well as difficulty urinating for a day or two and discomfort with bowel movements for the first few days as well.

Of course these things will vary from woman to woman.

You want to make sure you don’t get an infection, so taking good perineal care is very important.

Make sure you use a fresh maxi pad at least every four to six hours.

Avoid dragging germs from the rectum toward the vagina while removing the pad.

Pour or squirt warm water

Here is what you can do to help with all that.

Make Padsicles. I came across this on Pinterst. This is very simple and all you need are pads, Aloe Vera gel, witch hazel and lavender oil.

I have interested clips on the steps below.

unnamed (2)

First you open the pad, then add aloe vera gel, then the witch hazel, and then the lavender oil. After you complete these steps you can close the pad back up. You can store these in zip loc bags.

You want to try to make a bag or two of these and put them in the freezer before you go into labor. So try to do this by 37 weeks.

Another product that is a postpartum game changer is the Dermoplast extra strength hospital spray,  I have read and heard great things about this product. Many hospitals give this to new mamas, but just in case they don’t ,buy your own. You can also purchase pre witch hazel tucks pads.

My DIY postpartum basket contains maxi pads, heavy overnight ones and regular ones, since your blood flow will change. It also has the Dermoplast spray, lavender oil, aloe gel and witch hazel.

unnamed (3)

Since I ended up giving birth the following day!!!!

I wasn’t able to post this blog. The good thing about that is that I can tell how guys if this helped me or not. And I can say that I am sooooo glad I made those padsicles. After you give birth your vagina swells up a lot!! At the hospital they give you an ice pack to put in your underwear, which isn’t at all comfortable and felt wayyy to cold, since the ice pack is a bit thick.

They definitely helped the discomfort a lot, the aloe gel felt amazing. I stopped using padsicles after a week, and just put aloe gel and witch hazel,sprayed the Dermoplast and lavender oil without freezing the pad.

The hospital will give you a peri bottle which you can use you wash yourself down there with warm water. You want to be very gentle and use soft napkins to pat dry, or use a blow dryer to dry yourself.

Keep your hands off the area until healing is complete.

Also make sure you take stool softeners, even after you leave the hospital!!!!!!

You also want to make sure you stay hydrated during labor and also after, because it is very important for you too urinate after delivery.

Another thing that helps a lot are sitz baths, you can soak for bottom for about 20 mins and thus helps the stitches help. This also helps if you have trouble urinating after delivery. I didn’t get an epidural so I was able to walk around after delivery which also helped.

Leakage is normal, its either you cant let go of the urine or it lets go of it too easily. Kegel exercises is also recommended for everyone postpartum. This can help restore restore the tone and help you regain control over the flow of urine.

Giving birth is an amazing experience, but since your perineal area went through trauma you want to make sure you take lots of care of yourself, and get lots of rest mama!!

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