It’s a Woman’s World: Convo’s with (Mom)entrepreneurs

I’m working on starting my own business, and a few weeks ago I had a breakdown, things were not working out the way I wanted/needed them too. I stepped away and took a break. I thought of giving up. I’m comfortable at my stable, cushioned job, do I really want to get into all the craziness(or add-on another project/task to my list)?

Quitting your day job and starting your business takes a mixture of grit, confidence, passion, and the idea of owning something that is yours. I’m not ready to quit my day job yet, but I am also not going to give up on my day-dream. I told myself… Fatima, if you re going to let those setbacks bother you so much, are you really fit for the business world? Anything worth having doesn’t come easy, so cliché but oh so true!

Later on that week I attended an event at WeWork which had a panel of boss women. This event inspired me so much, it was almost like a sign that I shouldn’t give up, and that I’m not the only one that’s going thru these setbacks and hurdles, all successful business owners were once there, but they kept going! Sometimes or many times things will not go as you have had planned.

Ariane Goldman and Nadine Abramcyk share their knowledge and experience on starting a business and hoping to inspire others out there who are thinking of starting their own entrepreneur journey or are on it already. They also discussed their failures and successes, motherhood, creativity and style. This conversation was moderated by Joyce Chang, founder of From the Get Go.

Let us start off with Nadine Abramcyk, co-founder of tenoverten nail salon, and a new mama!

She always loved getting her nails done but saw the lack of nail salons where you could just relax and have healthy services offered to you. So, she and Adair Ilyinsky decided to give it a go and open their own nail salon. They provide non-toxic, high-quality nail products which are now also available at Target!

Check out their website for more info!

I have to say the tenoverten nail salon is designed very well, modern, and super chic. This is the type of nail salon I want to be at with my girls on the weekend. Nadine talks about how important it is to take care of staff, and offer fair pay and health benefits, which tenoverten is proud of providing!

And then we have Ariane Goldman Founder and CEO of HATCH, founder of twobirds, and mama of two! She formerly worked on Wall Street. Her brand HATCH offers maternity clothing which focuses on different phases the before, during, and after, making getting dressed fun and simple!

I was really able to connect to her brand HATCH since I love fashion and pregnant women(doula in the making). I admire how HATCH not only provides fashionable maternity wear but community support for women and moms. They really take it to the next level which had me screaming(internally) YASSSS!!!

They have numerous events where the community gets a chance to connect with other moms. They offer about two classes a week at their store locations. These classes at HATCH range from various different topics like breast pumping, learning about what a Doula is, making a birth plan, nontoxic lifestyle, aromatherapy and much more!!

You can find HATCH clothing and times/locations of classes here

Now that I am a mom, when I hear about other moms who run such successful businesses it inspires me to a whole other level! It can be done, and these women are here to prove it. Nadine was expecting her first-born when she was trying to negotiate a lease for her salon. Ariane was pregnant when she started her business. Being a women means we have so many different strengths, let’s embrace them and make things happen! Who run the world!?

This amazing event took place at WeWork. WeWork is a community that offers shared office space. This is great for small business owners and entrepreneurs. You can book this space for events as well. I definitely recommended We Work and love that you can rent this space for 30 minutes or a day all depending on your needs. They also have a cafe, that has your avocado toast for that morning energy!

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