Ramadan Trends With ABAYA ADDICT

I love abayas.

The time of year I mostly wear abayas thou is during Ramadan!

I’m going to share my favorite abayas from the Abaya Addict Collection(this was so hard because they are all so stunning!!). I narrowed it down to three!
Okay, so the SILVER METALLIC KIMONO ABAYA is my favorite because it is so different!!!
I did think a couple of times before choosing this one, I just wasn’t sure if I could pull this look off.
Sometimes we see outfits and think wow that’s gorgeous on her but theirs no way I would look good in that.
For me personally, I always lean towards dark colors, my wardrobe is 80% black. I hardly everrrrr I mean like everrrrrr wear a headscarf that isn’t black or beige.
But I had to get out of my comfort zone!!

And I have to say!!!! I am so glad I did.

YOU NEED THIS ABAYA IN YOUR COLLECTION!!!!!! Trust me you will not regret it(this is coming from someone who usually always wears black).

The material is ideal for an open abaya, lightweight with a bit of stretch.

This abaya is great for an Iftar outing with your girls. I styled it with white heels, white pants and a white mock neck top This is also perfect for EID!!



Okay, the next one is the perfect black abaya its called the
Having a black abaya is essential!!
I choose this one especially because I adore the sheer sleeves and the lace on the bottom. and it just flows so well.
The great thing about this black abaya is that looks effortlessly gorgeous.
All you need is a great pair of shoes, and since it’s black you can pair with almost any pair.
Next time I would match the shoes with a matching purse(of course I couldn’t find my red purse, hot mess mom probs)
I also would love to pair this abaya with some royal blue heels! and blue eyeliner!
So the third abaya I choose is the BROWN SEQUIN ABAYA its currently on sale, so get yours before there are no more! I choose this because I love the touch of sequins added to the sleeves. Just the right amount of glam.
I felt like such a boss in this look, all I needed was my lady briefcase!!
I styled it with a white button down and black midi skirt. I would style the metallic one with this look as well.
Be creative with styling your abaya, by adding accessories.
And with open abayas, you have more options to style, by adding body cons, jeans, skirts!
XEPRE8256KZHCE4856LHADE1769-8862795152441279355_IMG_1638 2
Living in a Western country, I hardly ever wear abayas or traditional clothing to settings other than family or friend gatherings/parties. Being the only Muslim women at my workplace, and also being in a supervisory role, there are times I feel out of place.
Being a hijabi, you really have to battle through assumptions people have of you. But this just motivates to be the best I can be, and break stereotypes one day at a time.
I take these opportunities as blessings. I hope to start wearing more cultural clothing to work, and represent!! Ramadan is a great time to spread awareness about my beautiful religion, and wear to stunning abayas!
Comment below and let me know which abaya look is your favorite!!

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