HUGPAPA BABY CARRIER & Benefits of Baby Wearing

Oh little one, I have carried you longer than 9 months. I carried you in my heart and in my womb. When you came into this world I carried you against my chest that familiarity with the sound of my heartbeat soothed you countless times, where you felt, safe, warm, loved, and secure in this strange world.

Having your baby so close to you is honestly one of the best feelings ever. Tamanna has always loved to be in a carrier or wrap. When she was a newborn she would fall right asleep. I remember cherishing those moments because I knew in a blink of an eye she would be all grown up.

Babywearing has many benefits, I will be sharing those with you today, along with a review of the HUG PAPA Baby Carrier.

Benefits of Baby Wearing 

  1. Your baby has been in your belly for 9 months, during this time they haven’t gotten used to being all snuggled up, and soothed by the sound of your heartbeat and the rhythm of your movement. Babywearing gives them a similar womb-like feeling, that they need during something called the 4th trimester.
  2. Studies have shown that babies that are carried cry 43% less than babies who are not carried. Any time Tamanna was very fussy and nothing seemed to work, I would babywear her and it would almost instantly soothe her.
  3. Babies sleep and stay asleep better. This helps the infant develop better sleeping habits. Tamanna was sleeping through the night a little bit before she turned 3 months.
  4. It’s convenient, you now have two free hands!!!! Perfect for running errands, you don’t have to carry a heavy stroller up the stairs or look for an elevator. Babywearing definitely made our shopping trips easier.
  5. Strengthens the bond between baby and parent, a deeper feeling of connection. Worn babies develop feelings of affection and security, this also improves their neurological development.

Babywearing for us has been a great experience!!

When Tamanna was a newborn we loved using a wrap. Now that she is older we needed a more sturdy carrier that didn’t strain our backs.

The HUG PAPA Dial Fit 3- in -1 Baby Carrier Bundle has been perfect for us.

Our 2 year old weighs about 30 pounds, but wearing her in this carrier was so comfortable.

The dial fit adjustment and hip seat really set this carrier apart. It makes sure to give the right fit which provides comfort. We loved how lightweight this carrier is! The fact that this carrier had a hip seat was my husbands favorite, it provided the right amount of support.

The material is waterproof and comes with a hood for those rainy days.

We really wish we found this carrier sooner!!

This carrier is also available on Amazon!



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