Ramadan Has Been More Festive Than Ever|And These Millennial Women are Working Hard to Make That Happen!

Growing up in the United States and going to a public school, I experienced a wide variety of holidays. But Ramadan and Eid were hardly festive in our home or school. We didn’t put up decorations or do crafts and activities, so five year old me was not excited about Ramadan or Eid.

Our parents didn’t understand the need since they grew up in a Muslim Country where you can feel the holiday spirit all around you. But here in the USA Muslim kids experienced lack of exposure in schools, no one ever knew what Ramadan was. Many still don’t, but there is so much more now.

Now that we have grown up and have our own kids, we understand the need for more awareness and festivity. I actually didn’t think much of this until I had my own daughter, who is now two. I want to make sure she is always excited for Ramadan and Eid!!

I am going to share five of my favorite small businesses that help fill up our homes and hearts with Ramadan spirit. All these businesses are run by boss women!!

1. Yenge Crafts

Founder Alexis Wadowski is a convert, she was a Catholic before, and had tons of notebooks, t-shirts, pillow cases with bible verses and faith references. She had trouble finding similar products in the Muslim Community so she decided to make her own! She has a great variety of custom hand made products! “She Leaves a Little Sparkle, and a Whole Lot of Noor” frame is def one of my favs!

 “I started making my own Eid decor to get myself more excited because I really used to hate Eid. So after a few years, it kind of grew to make things for friends and in-laws I opened an Etsy store and Alhamdulillah it’s Grown more. I really just want all Muslims to celebrate their Muslim Identity in a style that’s authentic to them, but highlight elevate and reminds them of their faith!”, says Alexis.

Check out her Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/yengecrafts/


2. Two Craftistas

Founder of Two Craftistas Amna is a mom of four, a teacher turned into a businesswoman!

She stopped full-time teaching after 9 years in 2nd grade. After her fourth baby she decided to take quit teaching as it was becoming hard to balance both work and home life, At the time she also had another online digital product business where she would create resources for teachers to download and use in their classrooms. That gave her a taste of being an entrepreneur and she liked it!

Since 2015, she has been working part-time for an online Islamic school as an academic advisor but has been mainly focused on Two Craftistas as a full-time business. Lack of personalized Islamic lifestyle products motivated her to make her own, which first started off as a hobby.

“My daughter Aaliyah is the other “Craftista.” She does hand-lettered designs, customized digital drawings, and is the designated tutu maker. I absolutely love being a part in creating special memories and joy for others…whether it is through a “Dulhan” shirt, custom mugs, Ramadan onesies, personalized sequin pillows, etc. It’s what keeps me going”, says Amna

We adored our “Ramadan with My Tribe” T-shirts, and the Muslimah matching mommy and me shirts were so special. Two Craftista’s has custom t-shirts, onesies, mugs to make your Ramadan/Eid special.

Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/twocraftistas/


3. Bismillah Box 

Sara Ajabri is the founder of Bismillah Box, I love the idea of this. It’s a monthly subscription that provides high-quality products for the Muslim community in North America that get delivered to your doorstep in a beautiful box. I was so excited to open mine.

They have two different options be sure to check out their website. My box contained a Rainbow Quran,  The Dua Journal, Coasters from Kanzi Store, Duas from Manooka Prints, and dates from AjwaDelicacies.

I just love the whole idea behind this, being able to receive a box full of Islamic products just instantly brightens up my day and brings me closer to my Creator.

“The idea for a subscription box for Muslims came to me, and when I realized there was no box like it in the US, with a market of over 3.45 million Muslims in the US alone, I knew I had to pursue it. I would love to provide trendy products that allow Muslims to embrace their faith. What I found was that these products do exist, and in fact, the market is growing every day. They just are not quite in the mainstream stores yet. This is where Bismillah Box comes in. This is our second month and we are already sold out, with people flooding our inboxes with requests”, says Sara.

Bismillah Box is currently selling its Eid box!!

Find it here on their Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bismillah_box/


4. Noam Pajamas 

Growing up I always saw pajamas for Christmas. And now there are options for Ramadan and Eid! Noam Pajamas have beautiful vibrant designs. These are perfect for Ramadan nights and the night before Eid!! They are available in kids, women, and men’s sizes, so you can get them for the whole family and start new traditions. I want them all!!!!!

Sommer founder of Noam Pajamas is a Libyan American living in Northwest Ohio with her husband and two kids. Sommer did not find any Ramadan/Eid Pajamas on the market so she decided to produce her own. She first started off by ordering plain pajamas and customizing them for her family. She then one year decided to take the leap and start her own business!

“Noam Pajamas is my side hustle that has my love and passion. My family is at the forefront of my inspiration and the reason for everything I do. My intention is to help our families enjoy the holidays that much more. In a world where religion is becoming harder and harder to hold onto- we need to spend more time together making happy memories and raising happy, kind, empathetic,  strong kids that will change this world for the better”, says Sommer.  


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/noampajamas/

5. Crescent Star Creations 

Lirija Kajosevic is the founder of Crescent Star Creations. Her products are absolutely stunning. She also has Ramadan dinnerware and beautiful napkin rings. After giving birth to her first child she knew it was her responsibility to instill faith in her home.

“It was important for me to start traditions that my children would respect, love and insha’Allah continue in their own homes one day. Thus Crescent Star Creations was born. My company is founded on my hopes to elevate our homes with decor during the month of Ramadan, Eid, and year around. It’s a home where Islam is practiced and that’s it the home of proud Muslims!”, says Lirija

She has super creative wrapping paper which is really changing up the Eid gift-giving game. I can’t wait to use this wrapping paper and ribbon this year! FullSizeRender-19.jpg

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crescentstarcreations/

Muslims families now have a wide variety of Ramadan supplies they can now purchase online.

We are only getting started, our kids won’t grow up not being excited about Ramadan and Eid. I also remind myself that decor is important but I don’t want it to reach a point where its too commercialized and we forget the true meaning of Ramadan. Buying decor that is already made saves a lot of time and helps us achieve our festivity and spiritual Ramadan goals. Also, it’s so important to support these small businesses that are working so hard to provide these products to us.

Wishing everyone who is celebrating a Happy Ramadan. May this month bring you so many blessings!







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