2020 has definetly inspired me to really look into work from options. I am so thankful to still have my job, but nothing is guaranteed. I am excited to share these with you all. Let’s get started!!

1. Content Creator/”Influencer” 
Many companies spend a big chunk of their budget on Influencer Marketing. This is a great option if you enjoy creating content. Before you make an income you need to be consistent and have a structured approach. Number one know who your audience is, and what you can provide that can be of value.Once you have developed a community you can start reaching out to brands that fit your niche. Having a large number of followers is not as important as engagement levels and quality content.Never buy followers, brands can tell when you do this. Slow and steady growth is what will benefit you.After about 2 years of creating consistent content, I have only recently started generating an income, I have done many collaborations that were just gifted product(s) in the beginning to build my profile(Instagram feed) and community. It’s important to know your value, creating content is hard work!

2.Amazon FBA 
Amazon FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon) has gotten so competitive now so making sales on here takes time. This is will also require high investment for stock, campaigns, and marketing.
Amazon has more than 300 million active customers, with 90 million Prime subscribers in the U.S. alone. Brands available specifically to Prime buyers are those that utilize FBA. And, Prime customers spend more money with Amazon.
The first part is doing your research on best selling products and then getting them manufactured. JungleScout.com is a website that can provide you with information about product sale trends, demand, and seasonality. Alibaba.com is a great source to find various manufactures.
Once you have that done, and receive your products, you will then label each item and ship it off to Amazon, they will be shipping the item every time you make a sale. It’s important that you invest in marketing and staying on track with your inventory.
Start small! You don’t have to have hundreds of products to get started.It’s much simpler to create an organized process when you just have a handful of products. Once the process is in place, it’s easier to scale up and add more products as you grow.
All this does come at a price. Amazon charges both storage fees and fulfillment fees. However, those fees include Amazon’s stellar 24/7 customer service, the cost of shipping goods to customers, and access to one of the largest and most advanced fulfillment networks in the world.
Currently, we only have a few products listed. We are planning on hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant, this person guides you on how to get your ranking up and make more sales. Amazon FBA has been my main focus, it’s a great way to make passive income.

3. eBay
eBay is not as competitive as Amazon, so it’s a great start for beginners. There are 182 million eBay buyers worldwide.It’s one of the largest global online marketplaces, featuring approximately 1.3 billion product listings on any given day.
Some eBay sellers focus on a niche product, others follow the trends to sell what is popular at the moment. This will require a bit of research on your part. Its important to differentiate yourself from competitors.
Here are some general tips:

Ship within the expected timeframe.

Process your orders promptly.

Respond to customer questions promptly.

Ensure that you follow the return policy listed on eBay.​

eBay is one of the first online marketplaces, and it’s also one of the simplest marketplaces to get started on.

4. Freelance Social Media Manager 
There are a lot of organizations who need someone to manage their social media accounts, and some may even want you to completely develop a social media strategy for them. If this is something you are good at or have an interest in it is a great option!Here are some tips.
Get experience. You’ll only get hired if you can prove that you’re good at managing social media. If you haven’t had any jobs yet, then use your blog or website as your experience. Put together some impressive stats to show what you have achieved in the past.
Consider specializing in a certain platform. There are plenty of people who can do social media management, but there aren’t so many that can build up an engaged Facebook following, or get maximum retweets on Twitter. Consider the tasks that you’ve had the most success with in the past, and advertise that as your service.
Apply for jobs every week. Remember that the first job will always be the hardest to get, so even if you don’t have any success at first, keep trying! Tell people what you’re offering. If you know of people in your network that can spread the word, let them know. Word of mouth goes a long way.

5. Teaching English Online 
 In the last decade or so, the ESL teaching industry has been changing with technology like nobody’s business. You no longer have to travel across borders to teach foreign students. Instead, you can teach ESL online from home. You must have a reliable internet connection, and gear. Something else you will need to keep in mind is that you will probably be teaching in a different time zone, which means late nights and early mornings.

Teach English online jobs still ask for the right qualifications and experience. For many hiring companies, it’s essential for an online English teacher to be a native English speaker and to have a bachelor’s degree (in any subject) and some kind of formal or informal teaching experience (mentoring, working at summer camps, etc.). Others will ask whether you have any teaching or TEFL certifications.

Below are 8 of the best companies to Teach Online for
Whales English
English Hunt

6. Home Based Food Business 

Many people want homemade food but don’t want or have the time to cook. You can set up meal packages, or sell baked goods. It’s a great idea to collaborate with party planners. Having a very strong marketing strategy is key! Be sure to check your state laws on starting a home food business. 
I love baking and cooking. I decided to start taking orders, after about 6 orders, I realized this is a hobby I don’t want to make an income on. I enjoyed baking and cooking on my own time, and didn’t want to worry about having it ready on time. When it comes to business if I’m not passionate about it, I don’t do it. I am passionate about sharing recipes and hopefully one day to teach cooking classes. If this is something you enjoy, this is a great way to make an income.

7. E-Commerce Store Owner 
We already discussed Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, but there are other options.There are five types of e-commerce business models: dropshipping, wholesaling, manufacturing, white-labeling, and subscriptions. Thanks to sites like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, you can quickly launch your eCommerce store. You can start your brand.

I started a clothing brand about a year ago, and marketed it thru Instagram and Facebook, participated in events that targeted my audience. I started with only a few products and made sure to acknowledge feedback from my community. Customer service was also extremely important to us. I only sold off Instagram in the beginning and once it started doing well, we made a website. It’s still a very small business and is not where I want it to be, but with consistent effort and building, it will be. 

All of these will require time, investment, research, trial and error, and consistency! Choose one that you would be motivated to work towards, and do your research on it. It’s all about how determined you are. The amount of money you can make is dependent on how much effort you are willing to put into it.

These are also possible to slowly build while working for a 9-5. I still have sooo much to learn and I was hesitant to share because I am still building, but I hope that it will inspire you and be a stepping stone to begin your journey. It’s important to keep going, keep learning, and is consistent with a strategic approach! Start small and build!!!!

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